Trips & Exchanges



At Hockerill Anglo-European College we offer an extensive range of trips and exchanges. These range from:
- language trips and exchanges:
- cultural and community travel (India and Uganda);
- skiing, surfing, diving and other sporting trips;
- Duke of Edinburgh and outward bound activities;
- CCF residential exercises and competitions;
- a wide range of educational trips across the year groups (eg. battlefields, fieldwork, galleries and museums);
- Model United Nations conferences, debating and public speaking competitions.

Language Trips and Exchanges

HAEC is very proud to offer an extensive and unrivalled Trips and Exchanges Programme.
We believe that, aside from the unarguable linguistic advantages gained from such a programme, students’ independence, breadth and maturity is enhanced , helping them to perform better in all spheres of their education.

Every effort is made to ensure that the programme is accessible to all students, although every individual trip or exchange has a limit on numbers.

We are very fortunate to be able to rely on an active partnership between staff, students and parents built up over time which has resulted in a culture of enhanced International understanding and hospitality.  Without the goodwill embedded in this partnership the programme would not be possible. It is constantly under review with the aim of offering contemporary and linguistically challenging experiences to our students.


Trips & Exchanges 2012-13

To view a calendar of the trips and exchanges for 2012-13 please click here.


La Traverse 2012

la Traverse 2012

Our French bilingual two group was part of the Hockerill invasion of Europe this summer. Students and staff spent a week in and around our base in La Traverse and enjoyed a varied programme which included outings to Volcania, the Pilat Regional Park and Saint Etienne. Together with some language sessions in the base which were led by Hockerill staff the trip was a positive and effective contribution to the foreign language learning experience whilst adding a cultural dimension to classroom based learning.

Spain 2012

Spain 2012

What a fantastic first trip to our new partner school in the beautiful city of Santiago! The welcome by our new found friends in the Galician city in north western Spain could not have been any warmer or more welcoming. And after leaving snow and frost behind, Hockerill students were introduced to school life in a secondary school in Spain by attending lessons with their exchange partners as well as finding their feet in the city of Santiago in spring like sunshine. Apart from the great opportunity to get immersed in the Spanish culture, another highlight must have been the rooftop tour of the cathedral which not only offered fantastic views of the building itself but also allowed for amazing panoramic views of the city and surrounding areas.

Münster Year 8, 2012

Munster 8

Once again Münster did not disappoint – a lovely city which allows for a great introduction to the German culture and people paired with very caring and enthusiastic host families! It is not a surprise at all that our students find it hard to leave their newly won friend, the bicycle behind when they return to Hockerill, after all they have dedicated bicycle lanes and permanent right of way wherever they go! The participation in class activities at the Pascal Gymnasium was supplemented by trips to important places in the surrounding areas such as the hanseatic cities of Bremen and Cologne as well as the mining museum in Bochum which is in the old industrial heartland of Germany. Well, you will have the opportunity to return for you work experience in Year 10 …

Work experience - Münster, Year 10, 2012

Munster 12

And many of you went back for a second helping of Münster live! I have not looked at the files but am pretty sure that this year's work experience group was the largest ever. This was partly due to the fact that several members of the second foreign language group joined the German bilingual students and what a fantastic time all 24 students had despite artic temperatures and heaps of snow and ice! The combination of full immersion in the foreign culture and language during the working day paired with the opportunity to meet up with German and English friends in the evening to makes for an outstanding overall experience. Everybody returns with fantastic memories and the knowledge that the foreign language skills and the confidence in using them have certainly improved. And the good news is that you can go back for a third time for your work experience in Year 12!

Bremen 2012

Organised for the first time and an immediate success! The German bilingual two group spent a week in the beautiful city of Bremen which impresses with a fantastic old town, great historic building and many other points of interest such as the football stadium of Bundesliga heavyweight Werder Bremen. And if that is not enough to fill a week, there are plenty of shopping opportunities as well! The trip gave our students the opportunity to learn about the German culture and people whilst having the chance to practice their German. Therefore it does not come as a surprise at all that all our students returned with great memories, improved confidence in using the language and great enthusiasm for continued learning of the German language.