Hockerill Anglo-European College has two main admission years to the College.

These are at Year 7 (the start of a student’s secondary education at age 11 and Year 12 (entry into the sixth form at age 16). Applications can be made for day and/or boarding places.

Please note: In year applicants should use the relevant Year 7 SIF.

The different types of places can be classified as follows:



8.40am - 3.40pm

Regular school hours

Day Boarding

7.15am - 9.00pm

Breakfast, regular college hours, activities, supper, boarding house social time, prep

Weekly Boarding

Mon - Sat am

Resident during the College week

Full Boarding

All term time

Resident throughout the term


Proposed 2015 Admission Arrangements

To view our Proposed Admissions Policy for 2015 entry please click here.

2014 Admission Arrangements

To see a copy of the College's admissions policy for September 2014 entry please click here.

Parents/carers are requested to complete the relevant Supplementary Information Form and return it to the College office by 31st October 2013. A Secondary Transfer Form (STF) must be submitted by Hertfordshire residents to the Local Authority by the closing date. Residents outside Hertfordshire should comply with their own local authority’s arrangements where necessary.

To download a day supplementary information form please click here.

To download a boarding supplementary information form please click here.

To download the important dates for secondary transfer please click here.

If you were unsuccessful with your day or boarding application for a Year 7 place at Hockerill and would like further information as to how to proceed, click here.


2014 Language and music aptitude tests

The Language and Music Aptitude Test for Year 7 2014 entry (day places) has now taken place.
There is no further opportunity to sit the tests.

2013 Admission Arrangements

If you would like to view the admission policy for 2013 entry please click here.

To make an in-year application please complete the relevant supplementary information form.

To download a day supplementary information form please click here.

To download a boarding supplementary information form please click here.


If you would like further information on unsuccessful applications for Year 7 2013 entry, please click here.



For Year 7 appeals for 2014 entry, please click here to see the Appeals Timetable sheet. Please click here to view the Appeals Information sheet for further information.

To give notice of an appeal please click here to download the Notice for Appeal form.



For fees for 2013/4 please click here.


Short Term Boarding Placements

We are unable to accept applications for short term places i.e. one month or one term.


Admission to State Boarding Schools in the UK is limited to children who are nationals of the UK and are eligible to hold a full UK passport, or those who are nationals of other European Union countries or those who have the right of residence in the UK. Please note that the holding of a BN(O) passport does not make the child eligible for a State Boarding School in the UK.